Never Break Your Phone Screen Again!

Chute Breaks Your Phone's Fall

When switched on, Chute uses your iPhone's gyroscope and accelerometer in the background to measure your phone's orientation and to determine when it is free-falling.

Chute will respond immediately by using the vibration motor in your phone to emit pulses at various frequencies, forcing your phone to shift on impact and preventing your screen from shattering.

The app works on its own, no accessories needed.

*Patent Pending

April Fools!!!

Wouldn't it be great if there was ACTUALLY an app that could prevent your phone screen from shattering? Actually, Apple seems to be working on something.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is this even possible?

Similar to other apps like the Cycloramic, we've been able to take advantage of the Apple's Native vibration function.

2. How likely is it that my phone won't break while using Chute?

We've been testing for the past 8 months and have tested well over 100 devices. The only ones that broke were the ones we tested with the app TURNED OFF.

3. I'm 6'7... is there a specific height setting on Chute to take into account the height from which my phone would free-fall?

We've tested the fall from as high as 10 feet. All of them survived the fall! The speed of the fall does matter so please don't THROW your phone on the ground expecting the screen to not break.
4. Can I use Chute with my Android phone?

Since Android has so many different devices, we're hoping to get out of testing by the summer of 2015. As of now, not yet.

5. Can I use Chute with my iPad?

Yes but ONLY for the iPad mini. The larger screen iPads are a bit too big for Chute.

6. If my phone does break while using Chute what do I do?

We've done all types of testing to ensure that no phones will ever break. Assuming there wasn't any foul play, if your phone does break, we will replace it. All broken phones are encouraged to email us at But we know you won't need to use this option.

Available on iOS in August 2015